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Dynamic 3D Navigation for Dental Implants



Penn Dental and Implant Center features the latest innovative technology, including 3D CBCT imaging, digital radiography and digital impressions. These technologies are brought to the residents of Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to improve the quality and comfort of patients receiving general dentistry care as well as dental implants and oral surgery.


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Dr Juma will begin designing your procedure during your initial visit to Penn Dental and Implant Center. Using a small device called an X-Clip, we will virtually map all of the features of your teeth and supporting jaw bone. The process will only take a few minutes, and most patients find it very comfortable.

Dr Juma will also obtain a CBCT and an intra-oral digital scan and combine these scans with data from the X-Clip. Using this information, the doctor will determine the ideal location for your implant. X-Guide allows our Doctors to see all angles of the implant site as a rich 3D landscape.
During your procedure, Dr Juma will use the X-Clip to get a 360-degree view of the implant site. Like using GPS for driving directions, the X-Guide provides turn-by-turn guidance for placing the implant according to the treatment plan. Using the X-Guide helps our doctors control the exact position, angle, and depth of the implant, offering remarkable accuracy compared to freehand techniques.
At Penn Dental and Implant Center , our investment in the X-Guide aims to revolutionize the way that our practice performs its procedures. The results of implants placed with guided implant surgery are scientifically proven, and Doctors around the world now use the technology in their procedures.
One of the unique features of X-Guide is that it can capture data related to the doctor’s performance during surgery, measuring the accuracy of the implant’s placement. As a result, Penn Dental and Implant Center  has demonstrable evidence of the high quality of its procedures. If your goal is to receive a tooth restoration that is comfortable, strong, durable, and natural-looking, we invite you to explore the difference in our care.


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X-Guide allows the Doctor to visualize the implant site according to a digital treatment plan. It then provides turn-by-turn guidance during the surgery.

X-Guide distinguishes itself from other guided implant surgery systems because it is dynamic rather than static. With other systems, doctors can’t easily adapt to issues they encounter during procedures. Using X-Guide, our doctors can change course in the middle of surgery based on the height and thickness of the soft tissue. This research-backed technology offers many other benefits over freehand placement:

Minimally invasive. Our doctors can perform implant procedures without incisions, which means less trauma, less discomfort, and a speedier recovery. Typically, our patients at Penn Dental and Implant Center only need minimal pain medications following surgery with the X-Guide system.

Accurate. X-Guide is 10 times more precise than a freehand approach. Because it takes the guesswork out of placement, guided implant surgery provides predictable results with little risk of complication.

Efficient. With dynamic navigation, our Doctors can take scans of a patient’s mouth, design a digital plan for the surgery, and place the implants on the same day.
Based on these same benefits, Penn Dental and Implant Center also employs the X-Guide system for biopsies, bone grafting, sinus lifts, and third molar surgery.

Same-Day Navigated-Surgery
Appropriate for More Cases at a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Guides

Elevate precision and control in your dental implant procedures. The X-Guide system is designed to provide easy navigation for better control – our workflow blends easily into your existing procedure to provide a higher level of implant accuracy with just a few steps.

Penn Dental and Implant Center - Dentist in Dallas
Penn Dental and Implant Center - Dentist in Dallas

Absolute Implant Precision

Expand your control over the implant process.
By integrating Cone Beam 3D imaging into your practice, it’s clear that you value accuracy and precision in planning. Don’t stop there. Continue to control the exact placement of implant POSITION, ANGLE and DEPTH with X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation during live surgery.

X-Guide provides easy, color tracking of drill depth during surgery.

Penn Dental and Implant Center - Dentist in Dallas

Our X-Guide system is designed to consistently elevate Precision and Control in your dental implant surgeries.

Interactive, turn-by-turn guidance gives you the ability to improve every movement of your handpiece during osteotomy and implant delivery for more exact implant placement – like GPS for your drill.

X-Guide makes it easy to be exact by using impressive, patent-pending navigation technologies.

Deliver Implant with Confidence

Confident Planning
The X-Guide system is compatible with most Cone Beam 3D systems. Use the robust X-Guide implant planning software to plan all factors of the ideal implant location. Visualize the placement of virtual teeth for better aesthetic planning. If using an intraoral scanner, go a step further with six simple clicks and register the intraoral scan to plan an ideal restorative outcome with opposing teeth in occlusion.

Penn Dental and Implant Center - Dentist in Dallas

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